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We have made it!

Street Heat is releasing on the 30th of November on Early Access on Steam!

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Our first development blog post is online!

Astalo Games company story so far.

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Street Heat - arcade racing at its coolest!

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Enter the neon noir night of a cityscape straight from the wild Eighties. Challenge your friends to a race with your lightning-fast sports car and destroy all competition as you blast through the streets. Crank up that sweet synthpop to make it a night to remember. The Heat is on!

  • Top-down arcade racing for up to four players
  • Drive a variety of sports cars inspired by iconic vehicles from the '80s
  • Local and online multiplayer
  • Challenging AI opponents
  • Richly detailed, handcrafted city environment
  • Full controller and keyboard support
  • Steam Achievements

Development Blog

Follow our adventures in the exciting world of game development!

We have made it!

It’s been a long time coming. The payoff will be glorious: Street Heat is releasing on the 30th of November on Early Access on Steam! We’re bursting with excitement! We started out small and with [...]

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It started with a “Why not?”

We were a ragtag bunch of students that had a large interest in one nerdy pastime: games. We loved all kinds of gaming: board games, card games, online games, retro games, all the way to the nitty gri[...]

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Our Projects

Street Heat

Street Heat

Four-player arcade racing with an unique Eighties atmosphere. Our current game in development for the PC.

Tomato Boy

Tomato Boy

Something has gone terribly awry at the local farm as rotten vegetables threaten to ruin the whole crop. Tomato Boy steps up to save the day! Mobile platforming fun for all ages.


Synthoid (VR)

Surreal puzzle game for Oculus Rift inspired by "The Sentinel" (Commodore 64). Our first plunge into VR game development!

Your Project!

Your project!

We are also for hire for various types of projects ranging from graphics design and coding to business VR solutions. Contact us!

About Us

Astalo Games is a Finnish game company founded in 2016. Our development team consists of six awesome people with extensive knowledge about gaming and game development alike. We’re passionate about making games that look, sound and play great!


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